About US

Leading the Mobility Revolution


We Are Building Smart Cities

Greenspot's mission is to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and reduce the number of gasoline vehicles owned per household by one.

Charging Stations

Greenspot installs electric vehicle stations in the public and private sector.

Mobility Solutions

Greenspot partners with shared mobility providers to offer innovative shared mobility solutions.


We Saw a Problem and Chose to Fix it

Greenspot was born out of a need to revolutionize urban parking. Realizing there was a lack of available electric vehicle charging, Greenspot installed the first e-Mobility hub in Jersey City, New Jersey redefining what smart city mobility means.

Since our pilot in 2014, we have expanded to five states with dozens of municipal partners and mobility leaders.

Our People

Greenspot’s team brings together serial entrepreneurs and industry experts perfectly positioned to address the EV revolution issues drawing from years of industry experience and specialization.