We make the conversion to EV fleets simple

Municipal Fleet

Every city is unique, and has different needs – both for its residents, and for its municipal fleet. We approach each city differently, with the underlying goal of creating infrastructure to accommodate mass conversion to electric vehicles.

Our Process


Greenspot strategically develops a plan to meet the individual needs of your city or business. Greenspot pin-points locations for EV infrastructure to satisfy current and future demand of municipal fleets, car sharing operators and individual EV owners.


Greenspot executes all of the necessary components needed to bring EV charging stations to life.


Operating a charger brings with it many responsibilities including regular inspections & maintenance or payment for the use by third parties. Leave these hassles behind. Greenspot manages & optimizes everything you need as a comprehensive service.


Greenspot takes proactive measures to ensure your citizens benefit from and utilize your new sustainable initiatives.


Greenspot works together with cities to help identify strategic locations for placing electric charging stations & to convert to Municipal EV fleets.
Set an example by putting your city in the forefront of of the EV Revolution!

Utilizing existing electric car sharing fleets during workday weekday hours

On-demand fleet for per department/division

Tracking – utilizing platform to track utilization. Saving Taxpayer $$

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

Substantial reduction in carbon emissions

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Ready to Join the Movement? Bring EVs to your city