Our Vision

Greenspot specializes in developing and installing networks of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations and e-Mobility Hubs. Our actions are reducing the number of cars owned per household and developing a comprehensive infrastructure enabling widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Greenspot and it’s partners are facilitating the adoption of global electric mobility.

Greenspot is the only company which installs, operates, and manages EV charging stations in both public and private sector. Once our stations are in the ground, we integrate various forms of e-Mobility such as electric scooters, bicycles, and car sharing.


Greenspot is making the adoption of e-Mobility possible by developing charging station and e-Mobility Hubs. Whether you have an EV, an e-Bike or a scooter, Greenspot is your one stop shop for all your charging needs. Our e-Mobility Hubs provide all electric mobility solutions a place to charge.


Our Team

Greenspot’s team brings together serial entrepreneurs and industry experts perfectly positioned to address the EV revolution issues drawing from years of industry experience and specialization.

Michael Mazur

Originally from Chicago
Michael has 5 years’ experience developing and managing EV smart mobility solutions internationally. Michael grew up living in Chicago before moving to Tel Aviv at the age of 11, where he stayed through his military service. Michael’s diverse background has given him a unique perspective, which combines Israel’s “start-up nation” culture with traditional American business strategies. This viewpoint led him to pursue an education in both law and finance and eventually sent him to New York City when he was recruited to lead Greenspot. Greenspot has proved to be the perfect opportunity for Michael to make an impact by implementing his vision of the company as a worldwide leader in sustainable mobility solutions.

Rosie Lenoff

Originally from Virginia
Rosie's expertise lies in the formation of public-private partnerships. With a background in research and consulting, Rosie leads Greenspot's efforts in the Northeast and Ohio region to bring equitable transportation and sustainability to all communities. As a New York City resident, Rosie is involved with local and state community groups, organizing to help promote an improved mobility ecosystem of the Tri-State area.

Vartan Badalian

Originally from New York
Vartan holds a B.S. in Sustainable Energy Management from SUNY ESF and a J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School with an Honors Certificate in Environmental, Energy, and Natural Resources Law. Before joining Greenspot as the Development Manager, Vartan clerked at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Climate Policy & Programs. Vartan is very passionate about electric mobility, sustainability, and combating climate change. In his free time, Vartan loves to play soccer and tennis, spend time with family and friends, and talk about electric vehicles.

Daniel Kessler

Originally from Massachusetts
Daniel is a writer, editor, researcher, and fundraiser whose work has surrounded environmental stewardship, healthcare policy, and narrative discourse studies. Daniel is a three-time award-winner of the Horn Family Fund’s annual Environmental Research Award and a former Harvard University researcher whose work has focused on healthcare policy in military families. Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Interactive Narrative Design from New York University and has worked comprehensively in digital interface design, surveying method construction, and research methodology.

Aviya Grossman

Originally from Tel Aviv
Aviya has worked across a variety of industries developing high growth businesses. He is responsible for the strategy and growth of Greenspot’s robust global infrastructure network. Aviya focuses on business development, including acquisition and operations, and assists in various technology ventures in Israel.

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