Electric vehicles are here.
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Turnkey EV charging and mobility solutions for the public sector, private sector, and fleets

Who Are We?

Greenspot is an award-winning leader in EV charging station development, installation and management.

Since 2014, Greenspot has been developing e-Mobility Hubs in cities and private developments throughout the United States and Internationally. Our e-Mobility Hubs are moldable to each city and private development allowing for all electric mobility solutions to park, dock and charge. Whether you want EV charging, electric scooter or bicycle docking, Greenspot is the partner for you!


Providing mobility solutions at multi-unit dwellings, private developments, mixed-use facilities

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Providing solutions to cities, towns, and transportation authorities

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Helping facilitate ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft to go Green

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Vehicles Removed from the Road


Pounds of CO2 Reduced By


With our dedicated team of expert project managers, electricians, developers, and sustainable activists, EV charging and cutting your carbon footprint has never been easier.

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