Our Mission

Greenspot specializes in developing and installing networks of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations and e-Mobility Hubs. Our actions are reducing the number of cars owned per household and developing a comprehensive infrastructure enabling widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Greenspot and it’s partners are facilitating the adoption of global electric mobility.

Greenspot is the only company which installs, operates, and manages EV charging stations in both public and private sector. Once our stations are in the ground, we integrate various forms of e-Mobility such as electric scooters, bicycles, and car sharing.
Greenspot is making the adoption of e-Mobility possible by developing charging station and e-Mobility Hubs. Whether you have an EV, an e-Bike or a scooter, Greenspot is your one stop shop for all your charging needs. Our e-Mobility Hubs provide all electric mobility solutions a place to charge.

Our Team

Greenspot’s team brings together serial entrepreneurs and industry experts perfectly positioned to address the EV revolution issues drawing from years of industry experience and specialization.

Michael Mazur
Chief Operating Officer

Rosie Lenoff
Business Development Manager

Vartan Badalian
Counsel, Policy & Business Development

Bryan Perez
Construction Project Manager

Aviya Grossman
General Manager - Israel

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