Mobility Solutions for Your City and Town

Greenspot’s model is simple. Greenspot collaborates with your municipality and team to determine the best locations for EV charging and mobility solutions.

Option 1

Greenspot owns and operates the stations and entire program at no cost to you.

Option 2

Purchase Greenspot’s open sourced stations and let Greenspot manage and operate the station for you.

1. Where does Greenspot install charging stations?

Greenspot installs its network of electric vehicle charging stations all the way from the Northeast to the Midwest, as well as internationally! Greenspot began its operation in New Jersey, and Greenspot has expanded its charging network to New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and internationally to Israel — with many more locations on the way!

2. What is the minimum number of stations Greenspot will install in a municipality?

Greenspot prefers to start installation projects with a pilot project consisting of one to three various locations. At each location, Greenspot suggests beginning with two to three charging stations. Greenspot has learned that it’s better to have fewer charging stations in more locations than more charging stations in only one location.

3. What type of stations does Greenspot install?

Greenspot installs rugged hardware which is UL listed and weatherproof. Greenspot’s stations are tamper-proof and vandalism-proof and are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and in compliance with National Electrical Code and FCC regulations.

4. What municipalities has Greenspot previously installed in?

Greenspot has installed stations throughout the Northeast in cities such as Newton, Massachusetts and in the Midwest in areas such as Columbus, Ohio. Our office is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, where we began expanding our footprint three years ago. We have stations installed throughout the Garden State as well as throughout the greater New York Metro area.

5. What does the municipality have to do?

Greenspot takes responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the charging stations. The municipality’s responsibility is providing Greenspot with the parking spot, providing necessary signage and enforcement for the spots. Greenspot works together with the municipality to market the program and engage with the local community.

6. Who maintains the charging equipment?

Greenspot maintains and manages the charging equipment.

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