Electric Vehicle Car Sharing and Fleets

Do you own and operate an electric vehicle fleet service? Get in touch! We have charging solutions for you.

As an example, at our Jersey City e-Mobility hub, we have partnered to offer Tesla car sharing in the public right of way.

Docked Micro Mobility

Once Greenspot has electrified the curb, we can then provide docked micro mobility at our e-Mobility Hubs. If you operate micro-mobility service, we have charging solutions for you.

1. Who does Greenspot work with?

Greenspot works with OEMs and TLCs such as Uber, Lyft and other Taxi and Limousine companies to provide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in these fleets. With transportation being the lifeblood of any city, and the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, Greenspot understands the need for fleet vehicles to switch to electric. However, the transition cannot happen without adequate charging infrastructure. Thanks to Greenspot’s expanding network of stations, this transition has never been easier.

2. Where does Greenspot install?

Greenspot installs its charging infrastructure for fleets on both public and private property. Depending on the location, charging stations might be restricted for fleet owners during certain hours of the day and open to the public the remanding time.

3. Why is providing charging infrastructure for fleets important?

At this time, the majority of cars driven for companies such as Lyft or Uber are internal combustion engines. With cars traveling roughly 200 miles per day for pick ups and drop offs, adequate charging infrastructure is key if fleets are to transition to electric vehicles.

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